Garre Guevara Laboratories was born in 2010, with the aim of applying CONICET's scientific-technological developments and transforming that knowledge into innovative phytocosmetic products to combat hair loss.

Researchers from IQUIMEFA / CONICET discovered a unique formula based on extracts of Jarilla (native plant from Argentina) and decaffeinated coffee.

In 2011, the company obtained exclusive patents, with a royalty agreement.

At the end of 2012, the first product was launched on the Argentine market: ECOHAIR Lotion for hair growth. Clinically tested on men and women, it demonstrated 85% efficacy in hair recovery.

Since 2018, began to be exported to England the products made 100% in Argentina.

Hair Growth Lotion, Hair Loss Shampoo, Balsam Conditioner and Dandruff Shampoo are exported.

In 2019, trade agreements were reached with Peru, Uruguay and Chile.

The company is based in Villa Maipú, San Martin, Province of Buenos Aires.

It has 20 employees that cover manufacturing, administration and marketing activities.

Since January 2019, it has achieved the international certification of IRAM-ISO 9001-2015 - standards in Design and commercialization - of phytocosmetics innovative products.

In May 2019 an agreement was signed with the province of La Rioja, to collect organic jarilla, and it was possible to complete the application of the United Nations Nagoya Protocol (certification February 2020).